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New Engitec CX® Plant 3.0tph at Recyclage Ecopur – Reunion (Africa)

If it is true that the world is presently “sailing” in the so-called NEXT NORMAL it is equally true that Africa will play a fundamental economic role in this new economic model based, above all, in the reshaping of value chain and a quite robust regionalization of economic transactions.
Engitec has tailored complete plants of capacity 3.0tph and 1.5tph especially suitable for applications in those countries where the scrap sector is not completely organized and therefore the scrap is somehow spread in the territory.
Here one recent news.

New Engitec CX® Plant 3.0tph at Recyclage Ecopur – Reunion

During these days – February 2024 – Engitec commissioning Team is deployed at Recyclage Ecopur Project Site for carrying on the various commissioning activities of the Engitec CX® Plant sized for 3.0tph of scrap batteries. The handover shall take place during Q2/2024.
This will be a very important milestones for the island. In fact, for several years, used lead/acid batteries have been exported from Reunion Island to France due to the closure of the only existing lead battery recycling plant there.
After the commissioning will be completed, the island will once again have the necessary infrastructure to process used batteries on site with enormous benefits for the environment. The Engitec plant is namely composed of the following major machineries: Lead Batteries CX® Breaker & Separation; Weak Electrolyte Collection & Filtration; Weak Electrolyte Neutralization; Fine and Coarse Fraction Separation; Lead Paste Filtration.
Engitec believes that this first plant in Africa will be just the first step of the presence of Engitec Technology in Africa.

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