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Commissioning and Training of Buyer’s crew

Commissioning and Training of Buyer’s crew

Whoever deals with large scale capital plants knows very well that the activities of commissioning of the Plant is, maybe, the most critical and complex period of the whole life of the Plant.
Engitec has a dedicated Team that is present at Project Site during the various phases of erection of the Plant, cold commissioning, hot commissioning and demonstration of performance guarantee parameters (PG Test).

Great efforts are spent by Engitec Team for training the Buyer’s Personnel through classroom sections and training on the Plant.

The Commissioning Team cooperates with Buyer’s Team also during the preparation of the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices).
Particularly important are the Stabilization Visit and the Optimization Visit that are carried out by Engitec Process and/or Metallurgical Engineers after few months from the execution of the Acceptance Certificate

Now-a-days Engitec can also provide remote assistance through the newly launched on-line video and audio solutions.

The target of the cooperation is to bring in the shortest possible time the System (Equipment and Buyer’s Team) to the Operational Excellency and the highest OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).


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