Secondary Lead
Engitec has a wide experience in the design, procurement, construction and operation of secondary Lead production plants. The complete process from raw materials up to the final lead alloy ingot is part of the Engitecís know-how.

Nowadays the used acid lead battery recycling is the most required unit. The Engitecís CX® System is the safest and cleanest approach to the acid lead battery recycling as recognized by the most reputed Lead producers Companies. Continuous R&D efforts and resources are employed by Engitec to supply the CX® System with the improvements and updating as required in order increase the cost effectiveness of the operations and to satisfy the most advanced regulations for the Lead production. Meanwhile Engitec is caring of studying and improving continuously its technologies for the battery recycling by testing new battery separation solutions and hydrometallurgical process to produce lead from battery paste.
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System ®

Primary Lead
Engitec in collaboration with The Doe Run Company, USA, is employing massive resources in the development of the new FLUBOR technology for the production of electrolytic lead from direct leaching of the concentrates.
After a successful piloting stage of the process, a pilot plant facility for the production of 2000 t/y of lead cathodes is under construction in Missouri, whose operation is expected within September 2007.
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