Copper and its alloys

Complete plants for Copper Scrap Recycling
Electrowinning plants for copper recovery from scrap.
Units for sorting and pre-treatment of scrap and turnings. Plants for scrap cable shredding.
Various types of furnaces.

Complete plants for Copper Semiproduction
Bus bars

More about the Ecuprex Process
The ECUPREX process is a hydrometallurgical/electrochemical system designed to recover pure copper from primary and secondary copper materials based on copper metal and secondary copper sulphides.
The process, using a fluoborate system, is based on two main steps:
? The oxidative leaching of copper compounds (metal and secondary sulphides)
? The Electrowinning of the leachate in a diaphragm divided cell
The Electrowinning cell is the core of the process because in it the copper is plated and the oxidising system is regenerated.
The process has been successfully tested in a lab scale pilot plant on:
? Copper scrap
? Secondary copper sulphide concentrates
? Copper matte/white metal
The process is also suitable to deal with some copper bearing liquid streams through the precipitation of copper and its recovery in form of cathode. This approach was successfully tested, for example, on the regeneration of pickling solutions coming from printed circuit boards production.
The treatment of primary copper concentrates has to undergo to a pre-treatment to convert the primary copper sulphide in a suitable copper compound.









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