Engitec built several aluminium recycling plants to process the various types of scrap and to produce the alloys as required by the most sophisticated Customers, specially for automotive industry.

STE Process
For the treatment of the Aluminium salt slag.

More About STE Process
The Engitec’s proprietary technology for the secondary aluminium industry is the STE process for the treatment of aluminium salt slag.
The process is suitable also for small installations, so it can be installed directly at the aluminium recyclers’ site.
STE allows the recovery of aluminium and salt, which Is re-used in the melting process, and of fine clean oxides, which can be suitable for other industrial applications as the cement manufacturing.
All polluting gases generated during the aluminium salt slag leaching are combusted and the heat generated is used for water evaporation and salt crystallization.
No Iiquid effluents are released from the plant and the gaseous emissions are kept within regulatory Iimits.
• Salt recovery Is highly efficient (99%).
• The recovered oxides have a low chloride content (below 0,2%) and are environmentally safe and weII accepted by the cement industry.
• The process is Iow Iabour intensive



Scrap Decoater
The continuous Phyrometallurgical plant to clean the painted and oily aluminium scrap.

More about Decoater
Oily and painted scrap are efficiently cleaned before being melted.
The Engitec’s Scrap Decoater cleans the scrap from oil, grease and painting in a high efficient energy system.
The scrap is automatically fed with the proper set rate into the burning chamber and discharged clean into the receiving bin.
The gas developed during the combustion is recirculated to recover the waste heat, after proper afterburning, to meet the most stringent environmental regulation.
A sophisticated control system guarantees the safe operations maintaining the conditions under the explosion limits.





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